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Flush Plug In Lift Point

Multi-purpose Plug-in Connectors

Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit

Finger Pull Handle

70mm Finger Pull Handles


70mm Snapshuts

StayPut Latch

70mm StayPut Latch

Mini Pad Eyes

70mm Mini Pad Eyes (strap and rope)

80mm Standard Hatch Handle

80mm / 100mm Standard Hatch Handles

80mm Vertical Hatch Handle

80mm Vertical Hatch Handles

80mm Flush Top Lock Hatch Handle

80mm / 100mm Flush Top Lock Hatch Handles

100mm Flush Top Lock Hatch Handles

80mm / 100mm Deep Reach Hatch Handles

Deck Drains

70mm / 100mm Deck Drains

Bayonet Fillers

100mm Bayonet Deck Fillers

System 5 Fillers

100mm System 5 Deck Fillers

Helicopter Tie Downs

Helicopter Tie-Downs

4 Bar Hinge

4 Bar Hinge

Self Erecting Cleat

Retractable Cleats

Pull-Up Cleat

Pull-up Cleats


100mm Hatch Handle with Rear Shootpin unit