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Hepworth's Linda Bates on Inclusivity BoardHepworth's Linda Bates on the Board of MITM/MIY Inclusivity Campaign

June 2018

B Hepworth are proud to announce that they are part of the Made In The Midlands / Made In Yorkshire (MITM/MIY) Inclusivity Campaign.

Linda Bates, Hepworth's Quality and Project Director was approached to join the MITM/MIY Inclusivity Board and attended the inaugural meeting, chaired by Baroness Lorely Burt, on 24th April 2018 at Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham.

"We feel very strongly that promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is the way forward and that it can only reap rewards for any business" stated Linda, continuing: "Mental Health is now at the forefront of public awareness and, accordingly, we need to be able to address any mental health issues in the workplace, so Mental Health First Aid will be an additional and invaluable skill within our business".

Inclusivity is about a company maximising the potential of their people to become a more inclusive, productive and respected organisation; being the best they can be by allowing their people to be the best they can be. Mental Health First Aid, an internationally recognised programme now running in more than 21 countries and part of a national approach to improving public mental health, aims to increase knowledge, understanding and personal confidence of how best to support others with a mental health problem.

The next step for Hepworth is to work through their business model to ensure that they cover Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Mental Health in all areas of the business, and to set up workshops with employees to raise awareness and understanding of the Inclusion criteria going forwards.

The purpose of the Inclusivity Board is to generate ideas and formulate action plans; currently there are 30 Ambassadors across the Midlands and Yorkshire who have signed up for the Inclusivity and Mental Health Awareness Campaign. The Board will be attending the House of Lords on 3rd December 2018 to present a series of case studies; their ultimate aim is for the adoption and rolling out of the Inclusivity Campaign throughout the country.

If you would like more information please visit and

MMI embraces RIM technology

May 2018

Rapid Prototyping now allows Monitor Marine to move its foundry processes squarely into the Digital Age and help us develop bespoke patternmaking capabilities.

When Monitor fittings are machined from virgin marine-grade alloys we can tailor our automated CNC processes to exactly meet the client’s requirements. Because Monitor Marine provides tailored fittings, our clients' prestigious projects often require subtle adjustments, and this is where the Hepworth Group embraces new technology.

Tom Dunkley, Hepworth RIM Moulding division's Project Leader explains: “Rapid Prototyping in conjunction with Lost Wax Casting makes perfect sense when you are making complex castings with small production runs. It also means that we can offer a tailored product very quickly and the Client doesn’t have to commit to expensive tooling for a small production run…”

Monitor Marine can now offer production processes where a 3D design, integrated into the fabric of a top designer’s vision for a Megayacht can move very rapidly from the designer’s drawing-board to being incorporated into the very lifestyles of our fastidious yacht-builders’ most discerning clients.

Happy 150th Birthday to B Hepworth

January 2018

Hepworth celebrates 150 years in businessStill going strong and looking to the future, Midlands based manufacturing company B Hepworth & Co Ltd is celebrating its 150 years anniversary in 2018.

B Hepworth & Co Ltd was founded in 1868 by Mr Benjamin Hepworth, originally as a manufacturer of chemicals for the carpet manufacturing industry in Kidderminster.  The Eddy family acquired the business in the early 1900’s and continued with the business, however during the 1950’s and 1960’s environmental pressures of operating a chemical plant in a town centre, coupled with commercial pressures led to the company looking at a different future direction; the design and manufacture of windscreen wiping systems.

In 1988 Jonathan Eddy (Hepworth’s current CEO) became Managing Director of B Hepworth & Co Ltd and was responsible for a strategic change of direction, taking the company from its traditional UK Commercial Vehicle and Bus markets to the Marine and then Rail markets, targeting development of those export markets.

In 2004 Jonathan Eddy concluded the successful purchase of Hepworth’s largest competitor, Wynstruments Ltd. and then in 2009 a Fabrications company was bought, adding to the company’s portfolio of services.  In 2015 Monitor Marine International, manufacturer of high quality, precision engineered stainless steel marine deckware and interior fittings, was acquired and, in 2016, a RIM Moulding division was set up and launched, adding to the company’s product offering and bringing on board a new variety of clients from additional business sectors.

Hepworth relishes variety and challenge, and is proud to have its products on some of the world’s most prestigious and interesting projects, with wiper systems on vessels from the Queen Mary, US Navy Combat ships and Oil Rigs, to those on the fastest train in the world and the Arial Nomad!  

Ever flexible in outlook with their Marine, Rail, Automotive, RIM Moulding and Fabrications manufacturing divisions, award-winning Hepworth is always looking to the future; the next innovation, the next added-value service, the next developing market.  

Jonathan Eddy, CEO of B Hepworth and Company Limited is justifiably proud of the milestone in his company’s history.  “From manufacturing chemicals to windscreen wipers, fabrications, yacht fittings and more recently RIM plastic mouldings, Hepworth’s journey has been long and varied.  Hepworth’s USP is our ability for bespoke design and manufacture to each individual customer’s specifications. Our products are manufactured in our three factories based in Redditch, UK where nearly all the manufacturing processes are in-house, with a capital investment program allowing the introduction of new plant and machinery to meet ever-changing requirements” said Jonathan, continuing  “Selling our products and services around the world we have met many wonderful customers and suppliers; I attribute Hepworth’s success to the hard work and dedication of its staff and employees who have always worked tirelessly to deliver the very best quality products and service. I would like to thank everyone both past and present for their commitment and loyalty.  We are currently working on many new projects and new product designs, welcoming the challenges and looking forward to the company’s continued future growth”.

Hepworth Group launches new Mouldings Division

March 2017

Hepworth Group launches RIM Moulding DivisionAfter heavy investment in new equipment and experienced personnel, Hepworth Group has launched a new Mouldings Division, offering in-house RIM Moulding, complimenting their already extensive range of manufacturing services.

As many of Hepworth’s current customers have both resin and metalwork requirements, especially low volume and prototype work, the RIM Moulding facility now enables the company to offer an even broader range of services.

A flexible, cost efficient process for manufacturing polyurethane resin (PU) products, Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) allows the use soft tooling, giving a significantly cheaper alternative to conventional injection moulding.  The thickness of parts can be increased, with wall thicknesses of up to 25mm. RIM moulding can produce very large parts, up to 2000mm x 1000mm x1000mm in a wide range of materials including high impact, high temperature resistant and V0 rated (fire retardant) resins.

There are many advantages and benefits that RIM Moulding gives over injection moulding processes, which include:

  • Short runs a speciality – from 1 to 1000 off
  • Typical turnaround times of 2-3 weeks
  • A wide range of rigid, semi-rigid, flexible, high impact and high temperature resistant resins
  • The ability to produce dimensionally accurate mouldings and castings
  • Product sizes varying from a matchbox weighing just a few grams, to a product the size of a car bumper weighing up to 15 kilos.
  • Low cost tooling gives value for money compared to conventional injection moulding tooling; roughly a tenth of the cost in most cases!
  • Easily modified tooling allows for design changes in product development  

Free issue tooling is welcome.

Click here to go to the new RIM Moldings website, or for further information please click to email us.

Concrete and above-deck versions available of Helicopter Tie-Downs and Multi-Purpose-Connectors

December 2016

The existing range of high quality engineered, stainless steel and structural steel Helicopter Tie-Downs are already specified worldwide by the Super and Megayacht Builders as well as by Helipad / Deck, Offshore Rig manufacturers and other construction companies for marine and land development installations.

Monitor Marine has now developed and launched a further five models, bringing the range up to a total of 12 Tie-Down versions.

Concrete Installations
The popular “4-BAR” model has been designed with a stainless steel housing for installation into concrete. When installed, this Tie-down is completely flush with the surrounding surface. Easy to install and can be removed for servicing, if required.

Two other Multi-Purpose Connectors are also now available for similar installations. A 1 Tonne model with a Maximum Working Load (MWL) of 5 Tonnes and a 3 Tonne version with a MWL of 15 Tonnes.

Above Deck Installations
As it is sometimes not possible to gain access under top decks or helipads, Monitor now offers a choice of three products which can be fully installed from above. These are versions of the 4 Bar Tie-Down and the 1 Tonne and 3 Tonne Multi-Purpose Connectors.  Having installed a support plate, the Tie-Downs are simply bolted and secured in from above.

Please click here to go to the 4-Bar Tie-Down page, and here to go to the Multi-Purpose Connector page for more information.

Monitor Marine launches modified Multi-Purpose Connector

November 2016

Over the last month, more export orders have been received for Helicopter Tie-Downs, all for installation to new build SuperYachts, one of which has two Helidecks.

A modified version of the 3 Tonne Flush-Fit Multi-Purpose Connector now includes a design that can be installed on Helipads and Helidecks where there is limited or no under-deck installation access. This version can be fully installed above deck, being fitted into a threaded backplate. This method increases the application areas for both the 3 Tonne and 1 Tonne models. To ask for more details, please quote Part Nos. – 2175-1T and 2175-3T

A new Product Guide for 2017 (v7) is now available and on-line showing all the new product additions, together with revised loadings for Helicopter Tie-Downs; a result of design changes and Lloyds test results. You can download a copy of it by clicking here.

Monitor Marine at Monaco Yacht Show

August 2016

Monitor Marine at Monaco Yacht Show 2016Hepworth International will be showcasing the Monitor Marine product range at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show which is to be held on 28th September – 1st October 2016. We will be located in the Superyacht UK Pavilion.

Over the past six months, Monitor Marine’s Design Engineering Team has been involved in a number of new and exciting developments that will bring additional products to their current range of high quality, precision engineered stainless steel marine fittings. The Load Tests carried out recently at Lloyds British on Monitor’s range of Pull-Up Cleats were very successful, with better than expected results. On all four sizes from 120mm up to 320mm in length, the maximum Working Load calculated figures were exceeded by at least 25% in all directional loads. Not only will these cleats take higher loadings than other competitive designs, they are also low profile, require very little maintenance and are easily installed on to any type of deck structure.

Our designers are currently finalising a smaller version of the successful 1 Tonne Multi-Purpose Connector, as well as a new type of 50mm Hatch Handle.

Designed to match existing MMI highly aesthetic designs of the 50mm, 70mm, 80mm and 100mm handles, the new products will add to an already very superb quality “suite” of furniture for all new builds or re-fits.

Distributor Appointments

July 2016

Three Distributors have now been appointed in three key market areas to expand the coverage and service of Monitor Marine products.

NEMOMARIN based in Istanbul for the growing boatbuilding market in TURKEY. Nemomarin have been a very successful distributor for many years of the Hepworth and Wynn range of wiper systems.
NORTH WEST MARINE DISTRIBUTORS based in British Columbia will be promoting and supplying monitor Marine products into the expanding North American markets.
USA (East Coast)
WWT INC., based in Connecticut, a subsidiary of B. Hepworth & Co Ltd., will also be stocking and distributing the Monitor range in addition to their existing Wiper Systems business.
Negotiations are underway in other key market areas including Australia & New Zealand, Malaysia & South America.

Please click here for more information on our Distributors.

Monitor’s Pull-up Cleats, Connectors and Helicopter Tie-Downs proving a big hit!

June 2016

Monitor Marine pull-up cleats fitted to RIBThe first order for the Monitor Marine Pull-Up Cleats has been delivered and installed on a new RIB. The customer was very pleased with the ease of installation, low profile and overall good aesthetics, and we have been told that they will now be fitting these cleats to all new builds.

We have also just received confirmation of our largest order to date for the 4-Bar Helicopter Tie-Downs, from one of the world’s largest SuperYacht builders, with 45 units ordered.

A lot of enquiries are being quoted for, including one for over 300 Multi-Purpose Connectors for installations in the Middle East to anchor Skypool covers for a large area, plus sales are being made of both the 1 Tonne and 3 Tonne Connectors to an increasing number of Tender and Toy suppliers.

After a successful visit the OTC Exhibition in Houston, further meetings have now been arranged with some of the leading manufacturers of Helidecks and Helipads where the use of our wide range of Tie-Downs are the most comprehensive designs available, and a large offshore supply company based in Houston will be marketing our commercial range of Tie-Downs in South America, having already secured a significant contract with one of the world’s largest oil & gas producers.

Monitor Marine will be attending the forthcoming SuperYachts – Meet the Buyer in Italy, 15-18th June.

Superyacht Eclipse fitted with Monitor Marine helicopter tie-downs

April 2016

Monitor Marine 4-bar helicopter tie-downs on superyachtThe Superyacht Eclipse, recently arrived in Gibraltar, is fitted with Monitor Marine’s flush fitting 4-Bar helicopter tie-downs.

For a couple of years the 162.5m Eclipse, built by German shipyard Blohm & Voss GmbH, held the title of the world's longest superyacht. The enormous yacht accommodates 36 guests and can carry up to 100 crew members. Some of Eclipse’s most impressive features include a massive 200m² swim platform, a large pool on the main aft deck and two helicopter landing pads.

Click here for further information and pictures.

Productions orders going from strength to strength!

April 2016

Production orders for the Monitor Marine Superyacht range of products are still on an upward trend, with orders for Helicopter Tie-Downs increasing month-on-month, including recent contracts received from Superyacht builders in Australia and Italy.

The recently launched range of Multi-Purpose Connectors adapted for awning and bimini supports have found wide appeal; there are orders flowing in from builders all over the world, but especially from Holland and Scandinavia.

In the weeks to come, the Monitor Marine range will be shown to International Buyers at the British Marine Superyacht UK Tour of Excellence event in Portsmouth (20th April) and, as demand is increasing for Helicopter Tie-Downs from the Offshore Industries, the comprehensive range of commercial tie-downs will be shown at the forthcoming Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and Trade Show, Houston, Texas, from 2nd May to 5th May.

Satin Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Finishes available

February 2016

Monitor Marine New Finishes - Satin and Powder CoatingWe now offer two additional finishes to our range of products - a beautifully smooth Satin finish Stainless Steel, and also Powder Coating in a wide variety of colours.

Please contact us for more information

New Range of Pull-Up Cleats

January 2016

Monitor Marine New Pull-Up Cleat rangeMonitor Marine New Pull-Up Cleat rangeBeautifully designed and manufactured, slimline range of cleats!

Manufactured in marine grade 316 and 17-04 stainless steel, these low profile cleats are superbly engineered, high quality, mirror polished to SuperYacht standard and are available in a range of sizes (120mm, 180mm, 240mm and 320mm).

Easy to install and simple to operate with one hand using a push-pull action, cleats can be supplied with top face logo or insignia.  Click here for more information.

Additions to range - new products launched!

January 2016

Monitor Marine New products to rangeMonitor Marine International are proud to announce the recent additions to their range of SuperYacht products.

Pull-Up Cleats, from 120mm to 320mm
• 50mm range of Finger Pulls and SnapShuts
70mm Deck Drain
70mm Mini Pad Eye for use with straps/webbing
• New range of probes for the 1 tonne multi-purpose connector,
   including fittings for awnings, bikinis, stanchions, ladders
   and tie-downs.
Stainless Steel Deck Housing for 4-Bar Helicopter Tie-Down
Maintenance Kit for routine maintenance and general upkeep of
   all Monitor Marine lock types and Multi-Purpose
   Plug-In Connectors

We also now are able to offer two additional finishes to our products: satin stainless steel, and powder coating in a variety of colours.  Please contact us for more information.

Maintenance Kit now available

December 2015

Monitor Marine Maintenance KitMonitor Marine now supply a Maintenance Kit that has been put together specifically intended for routine maintenance and general upkeep of all Monitor Marine lock types and Multi-Purpose Plug-In Connectors.

The Kit is comprised of the following items, all contained within a sturdy case:
    •    Instructions
    •    Salt-Away Spray - a product that safely removes salt from all surfaces
    •    Corrosion X - kills rust and corrosion
    •    Super Stainless™ - removes rust staining, cleans & protects
    •    Silicone Grease - contained in syringe to seal & protect locks
    •    Micro Cloth
    •    Cotton Buds and Tissues
    •    White Cotton Gloves

For more information, please click here.