80mm Vertical Hatch Handle

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80mm Vertical Hatch Handle

80mm Vertical Hatch Handle
(Beam length 65mm from centre)

Part No. 15025

This handle incorporates a robust, cam-operated compression mechanism to provide a genuinely watertight seal. A simple fingerplate operation produces considerable pressure which forces the hatch seal firmly and uniformly into its sealing band. Unlocking is easily achieved by lifting the fingerplate and turning the handle through 90 degrees. In addition key operated locking is incorporated

Monitor Marine DeckwareWeight: 1.1kg approx.

80mm Vertical Hatch Handle

80mm Vertical Hatch Handle
(Long Beam, length 100mm from centre)

Part No. 15025-L

Vertical installation clamping and key locking ¼ turn with longer length cramping beam. Ideal for high-speed ribs.

Monitor Marine DeckwareWeight: 1.13kg approx.


Standard PDF Drawings

Long Beam PDF Drawings

Product Features


  • Vertical installation ¼ turn compression handle
  • Ideal for high speed ribs

  • 316 stainless steel

  • Cam operated locking mechanism

  • Watertight

  • Secure key locking

  • Flush fitting

  • Complete with installation kit

  • Available with standard or longer length beam