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Retractable Cleats  (Length: 200 / 300 / 400mm)

Self Erecting Cleat

A range of manual and power operated Flush Fitting Automatic Rising Cleats has been developed. The cleat has two positions, stowed and raised ready for use. In the stowed position the entire cleat and base is flush with the deck.

The manual cleat is provided with a control button in the centre of the cross bar. To make the cleat ready for use the control button is depressed. This releases the cleat lock and allows the internal gas struts to drive the cleat top into the ready for use position. The cleat rises at a controlled speed and is locked at the top of its stroke.

Self Erecting Cleat

The cleat is stowed by pressing the control button and simultaneously pressing the cleat top down. The button can be released once the cleat top has started to descend. The cleat top will automatically lock when the cleat top reaches the stowed position.

The powered cleat has the same physical appearance to the manual unit. The powered cleat can be both locally and remotely operated. The button in the centre of the cross bar will initiate both the raising and stowing of the cleat. The cleat is provided with a force sensing system that will prevent personnel injury by trapment.

The cleat can also be controlled from the bridge by the use of control panel switchgear. The system can be configured so that the bridge control can inhibit local control.

The cleat is provided with internal switchgear that will allow cleat status to be displayed on the bridge control panel. The cleats are secured from the top by two Stainless Steel cap screws. The size of which are commensurate with the maximum projected cleat load. Bolting plates can be provided that will ease the installation of the cleats. The plates will provide the interface for the two fixing cap screws and allow the cleat load to be diffused into the hull structure. These will be unique to each hull design.

The cleat is provided with a sealing system that will prevent water from leaking past the cleat top pillars. The cleat can be provided with an ABS or stainless steel cover for the working parts if required.

Weight : 7.3kg approx. for 300mm length version.

The cleat is a sophisticated bespoke system and is made to order. As such any size can be provided to suit any vessel. Below is the range of sizes already defined.

Cleat Part No
Motorised option
Cross bar length
Throat height
Bollard pull load athwart ship
Operating temperature degrees Celsius
+60 to -20
+60 to -20
+60 to -20


All cleats are available in three lengths: 200mm, 300mm and 400mm long.  When ordering simply change the second part of the Part Number for the length you require, eg:

Part no. 9450-200 for 200mm long version  (suitable for use with 12-16mm line)
Part no. 9450-300 for 300mm long version  (suitable for use with 16-18mm line)
Part no. 9450-400 for 400mm long version  (suitable for use with 18-24mm line)

Manual Cleat

Part No. 9450-200


Powered Electric Cleat

Part No. 9450-EL-200

Powered Hydraulic Cleat

Part No. 9450-HYD-200

Product Features

  • 316 stainless steel

  • Flush fitting when closed

  • Gas strut driven lift

  • High mirror polish finish